Welcome to Moonlight Villa in Crete

Private Villa with infinity pool, Whirlpool & Hot Tub

One building, two uses:

Grande (Villa) options or individual apartments


Alternatively, you can enjoy one of the 4 individual apartments

If you are looking for something smaller then you can choose one of our 4 apartments. The 4 apartments (‘moons’) are named after the 4 largest moons of Jupiter (Ganymede and Callisto on the pool floor, as well as Europa and Io on the top floor), discovered by Galileo in the early 17th century (names derive from lovers of Zeus). Each apartment is exclusively private and fully equipped for comfortable living.


Apartment Callisto
4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
accommodate 7-9



callisto villas crete


Callisto (pool floor) is the second largest apartment and offers beautiful views of the sea and moon. It has direct access to the pool and outdoor Whirlpool, which are located a few steps away from the master bedroom. Like Europa, all bedrooms and living room have spectacular views to the sea and to the beach.

Seaside Villas in Crete
Callisto 4 Bedrooms
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Apartment Io
2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
accommodate 4-6



io villas crete


Io (top floor), features one queen bedroom with beautiful sea views and one garden-view bedroom with 4 single beds. It has two balconies: a front, sea-view, and a back garden-view that provides an oasis in the heat of the day.

Best Villas in Crete
Io 2 Bedrooms
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Two apartments (Callisto and Io) are handicapped accessible and there is an elevator for the two apartments on the top floor.

Moonlight Villas

Our Luxury Villa in Crete is a ~450 square meter brand new private complex that sets the highest standards of luxury and beauty, elegance and ecological simplicity, seclusion, and proximity to modern comforts.


Moonlight Villa overlook the blue waters of the Mediterranean (Libyan sea) with its beautiful rocky horizon, ideal for swimming, sunbathing, surfing and other water sports. 

It is surrounded by water and has spectacular moonlight views on the sea. Because of the Villa’s Southwestern outlook, sunset views are also equally beautiful.

Our Luxury Villa in Crete designed to accommodate the elite traveler with a desire for exceptional style and comfort.


In collaboration of a local experienced restaurant, we can organize private dinners and celebrations with multiple live music options.

Brand new
luxurious complex

Moonlight Villas

Infinity swimming pool
with Whirlpool

Moonlight Villas


Europa-new (51)


Moonlight Villas
eco-friendly villas in crete

Eco-Friendly Villas in Crete

The whole complex has been designed with luxury, eco-friendly living in mind.

Each moon has panoramic sea views that blend into the local landscape and many unique architectural and environmentally friendly features throughout. It boasts unique aesthetics with an authentic feel. The interior furnishings have been carefully chosen to provide the maximum comfort with the use of natural and eco-friendly materials. The complex has its own water (private well and underground tank) and electricity (solar panels, generator), central vacuum, central heating and cooling that can be independently controlled in each room. In addition, the complex has its own water treatment process that provides the healthiest and tastiest water throughout the villa, including kitchens and bathrooms. Moonlight Villas are some of the very few luxury eco-friendly villas in Crete island.


When to visit Moonlight Villas in Crete

Located in the warmest location in Europe, our Holiday Villas in Crete welcome you throughout the year!

Spring Months

March through May

The spring months of March through May are probably the most beautiful months in southeast Crete. At this time, the panoramic sea views from our Villas in Crete are supplemented with blossoming fields of wild flowers, making for unforgettable hikes through the nearby hills and mountains. The mountainous views of spring are completely different from those seen in the summer. You can discover, as we have, that southeast Crete has much more than just beautiful beaches: the mountainous terrain rivals the harsh beauty of countries such as Norway and New Zealand, the two most beautiful mountainous places the owners have ever visited. There are several local hiking trails (mostly easy) you can try. You can also taste the fresh fruit of spring (strawberries, apricots, and loquats), which you can pick yourself from the owner’s gardens in our holiday villas in Crete.

Winter Months

December through February

During the winter months of December through February our holiday villas in Crete continue to be open. With the exception of the past few years when summer lasted throughout the year, during the winter months, southeast Crete changes color and atmosphere, with the rocky, baron surroundings transitioning to lush greenery. It is also the height of the olive harvest, and the local towns are alive with agricultural life. Despite the cooler weather (temperatures still rarely drop below 10°C), you can enjoy warmth inside the villas, as the complex is well heated via central heat (Callisto and Europa also have wood-burning Norwegian fireplaces). The spectacular panoramic ocean vistas are still visible inside the warm villa. The winter visitors of our luxury Villas in Crete will also enjoy an unlimited supply of fresh oranges, clementines, and tangerines, all produced in the owner’s gardens. You can also enjoy both garden-raised and greenhouse-raised organic vegetables provided to you at no extra cost.

Fall Months

September through November

The fall months of September through November are the best time to enjoy the warm sea waters, particularly if you wish to avoid both the crowds and the extreme heat of the summer months. Even as late as November, our weather is beautiful and warm, most days are sunny, and the sea remains mostly calm and warm. Fall in Moonlight Villas in southeast Crete is like the best summer days in northern Europe! You can also enjoy the local produce of the fall (figs, grapes, pomegranates), some of which you can pick up yourself from the property garden. All restaurants and shops are still open, so you can enjoy relaxed meals and drinks at the local restaurants and tavernas. Take out deliveries are also possible and we can arrange them for you. Of special interest is the ‘raki’ preparation festival during the second half of October/early November. If interested in attending, visit our villas in Crete, let us know and we will arrange it. You will drink, eat, and party – a traditional Greek experience.

Summer Months

June through August

The summer months of June through August offer secluded sun and sea. At our luxury villas in Crete you can enjoy spectacular views, weather, and tranquility while simultaneously away from crowds and noise. Moonlight Villas have its own private vegetable garden, and you can enjoy (and even pick your own!) seasonal vegetables and fruit: grapes (late July through September), peaches (June through August) and apricots (June only).


Facilities of Moonlight villa

  • Each apartment has fully-equipped kitchen and private safe, as well as central vacuum.
  • Elevator to 2nd floor.
  • Internet (wireless throughout the villa, both indoors and outdoors; also wired in each room)
  • Satellite radio and TV
  • Generator on property provides electricity even when national electricity is out
  • State-of-the-art private water treatment with active, continuous filtering of minerals and bacteria

Facilities of Moonlight villa

  • Outdoor, built-in stone Barbeque with a gas cooktop
  • Handcrafted marble dining table and marble benches, shaded by a beautiful stone/wood pergola
  • Private Infinity Swimming Pool (51 m2), with a spectacular view to the sea
  • Outdoor Pool Shower & Outdoor Whirlpool Tub
  • Sun beds, outdoor tables, and lounge chairs
  • Pebble swimming beach (with bars and restaurants) within 5-minute walk of the villa
  • Parking in nearby lot
  • Outdoor garden, landscaped with local stones and sea pebbles.
  • Well-designed, relaxing, night lighting

Amenities of Moonlight villa

  • Laundry service (free for stays over 7 days) – in addition, Europa has its own, private laundry facilities
  • Cleaning twice a week; additional cleaning as requested at an additional fee