Economical holidays with superb elegance – 38m²

Ganymede Moon

Ganymede provides the great option for a single family who wants to experience economical holidays while enjoying superb elegance and luxury. For large groups it can be rented together with the CALLISTO apartment with a PRIVATE pool, garden & BBQ (see JUPITER VIEWS villa option).

Ganymede is modeled after the rocky, fiery Jupiter moon (whose name originates from one of the male lovers of god Zeus) and provides a great solution for a couple or family who wishes to spend their holiday surrounded with luxury and breathtaking scenery in the most economical way.


Ganymede is located on the west side of the Moonlight villa, off of the pool terrace. The villa employs a studio layout, with a small bedroom with double bed, a corner couch in the cozy living room, as well as a chair that opens into a single bed.


The apartment has a large window facing the serene back garden area, and a small window facing the sea. For families, a loft bed above the bathroom ceiling makes sleeping more fun for adventurous children over 6 years old.


A fully-equipped kitchen and dining area opens into a covered outdoor patio, where you can enjoy the hot hours of the day surrounded by the garden. The mornings are best spent in the separate front patio located outside the living room.


Here you can enjoy your coffee in the company of private views of the sea and beautiful southwest seashore.